Family Package 4 for the price of 3

Comprehensive travel and medical fillable forms for a family of Travelers & Athletes!

Family Package Includes:

1 International Traveler Travel Stix

1 Athlete Wrist Band Travel Stix

1 Pet Care Travel Stix

1 Older & Wiser

Each Travel Stix includes:

• 2GB Credit card flash drive fits in wallet, purse or iPhone/Android Sleeve

• Fillable PDFs: Health Care Proxy, Medical History Form & Travel Itinerary

Travelers can add their own documents, scan and upload pictures of

passports, travel insurance and visas for back-up

For the savvy traveler and perfect for trip itineraries, travel tour documents, release forms, maps, emergency contacts, and pictures.

Easy, Safe, Giving You Security and Peace of Mind when you Travel!