general questions

Yes! The Travel Stix™ are specifically designed for frequent flyers. Each form may be used as many times as the owner of the Travel Stix™ requires.

First, they are comprehensive and easy to fill out. The information fields are clear and there is plenty of room to fill in names, doctor information and even insurance information where necessary. 

Yes, the forms and Travel Stix™ may be used by travelers all over the world. We also offer forms and Travel Stix™ in Spanish, and soon we will offer them in additional languages. You must confirm with the departing and visiting country what other forms or authorizations you may need to travel and/or address medical care needs when traveling.

Other reasons: child trafficking is a serious problem, and having a form that identifies where your child is going, who is allowed to travel or pick her or him up from the plane, train or bus, and who has sole authority to pick them up when they return is VERY important. The Child Travel authorization forms on this site provide this very specific information for two reasons: (1) your child’s safety and (2) your peace of mind.

Purchase the Parent Travel Stix, which has three forms on it – one of them is a medical consent form. This way you may print out and fill out the medical authorization form and fax it back to your child’s sitter, nearby relative, doctor or hospital directly.

Notary acknowledgements are necessary so that your signature is properly verified. This is a safety measure to help avoid someone providing an authorization that is NOT legitimate.