International Traveler

Travelers know how important it is for them to prepare themselves when traveling, whether someone is a savvy international traveler, college student, grandparent, relative or a child traveling in the U.S. or internationally alone or with a relative or coach.  Travel Stix™ are designed to enable every traveler to ensure their traveling experience is supported with important information at the traveler’s fingertips, starting with important travel and medical information.

Our 2GB versions of the Travel Stix™ enable every traveler to customize all of their information in one central place that fits in every wallet, purse or travel pack.  The Travel Stix™ unique credit card shape design is the key to having all of your information accessible when it counts!

Pre-embedded USB with essential medical, legal, and travel documents

(1) Medical History Summary

(2) Healthcare Proxy

(3) Travel Itinerary

(4) Emergency Contact 

(5) Emergency Identification and Medical Data

(6) Medical Insurance

*Children's Version includes parental authorizations for Travel and Medical Decisions