Children Traveling


Parents know how important it is for them to prepare their children when traveling, whether in the U.S or internationally alone or with a relative, family friend or coach.  Travel Stix™ are designed to enable every child traveler to ensure their traveling experience is supported with important information at the traveler’s fingertips, starting with important travel and medical information and necessary authorizations.

Our 2GB versions of the Travel Stix™ enable every parent to customize all of their child's information in one central place that fits in every phone case, tablet case, wallet, purse or travel pack.  The Travel Stix™ unique credit card shape design is the key to your child having all of her or is information accessible when it counts!

Our Child Travel Travel Stix come with three important forms:

1. Travel Alone Authorization

2. Medical Emergency & Doctor Authorization

3. Custodial Care and School/Camp Authorization

Add your child's glass prescription, medical prescriptions, favorite songs, audible stories, picture of child, parents, traveling guardian, traveling host, list conditions or sensitivities, parent contact information, allergies, emergency medical information, and whatever else your child needs to be safe when traveling without you.